Types of medieval churches


The type „basilica“ was also used in the gothic period, usually with a high nave (“Hauptschiff”) and lower side aisles (“Seitenschiff” separated by columns).  Often the nave has double the width of a side aisle. Mostly two but also four side aisles were used. The difference in the height between nave and side aisles made extra-windows above the aisles possible („Lichtgaden“)

Oriental basilika

The „oriental basilica“ is very similar to the basilica, but the difference in height between the nave and the aisles is smaller so that no extra-windows („Lichtgaden“)above the side aisles can be found. As a consequence this type of church is a mixture between „basilica“ and „hall church“ (see below).

Hall church

Here all naves / aisles have the same height for an  enormous feeling of space. Hall churches can be found with wooden ceilings or vaults and were preferred from the 14th century on. [1c]

Bild : Schnitt durch eine gotische Hallenkirche

The nave and aisles can be spanned by one saddle roof or multiple roofs.